Friday, March 12, 2010

How eating right and getting your exercise makes for a magical life.

Fight Obesity and Inactivity in our Children with "Magic for Life"!
The "Magic for Life" school assembly The "Magic for Life" educational school assembly is about eating right and getting your exercise. Fight childhood obesity and improve your student's fitness for life! Magician Amazing Dana uses magic, which students love, to get the message across that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables and run and jump every day. Exercise makes you a better student. Healthy food makes you grow up strong and healthy.
What will they learn?

Cornucopia of food

The "Magic for Life" school assembly is about making good choices. Students will see a vivid description of how we should eat five fruits and vegetables every day. How to make good choices with the food we eat. "What is better for you: a carrot or a Cheeto? They call it Junk Food for a reason. Fish is Brain Food. Freddy the Fabulous Flying Fish makes an appearance. Learn to run and jump every day.
The "Magic for Life" educational assembly is affordable.
The first 45 minute assembly is $250.00. Each subsequent assembly that day is $150.00. Every teacher will get the study guide "The Rules for a Magical Life."

It meets California state standards:

Students demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance. 4.1 Replace foods with healthier choices. 4.3 Explain the nutritious food provides energy for physical activity.
Amazing Dana has performed at more than 50 schools Invite him to your school today!
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