Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's time for that holiday event

December is a busy time for magicians. 75% of them family events. The rest corporate parties. Time to do something for the employee's who have worked so hard this year. Magic is great for engaging everyone in mysterious fun.

Family show has Christmas theme

I have a new trick where a child needs a Santa hat. We find lot's of hats and they are all wrong. Finally and magically Santa's hat appears.
Here is a video of a recent show!

Adult Show has new trick
School Assembly The floating Zombie ball is magic classic. I've brought it back into the show with a comedy twist. You'll laugh out loud as you wonder how it is done.

I combine the classics of magic with my own signature illusions. I include mentalism. The reading of the mind. Add audience participation and you've got a great addition to your party.

Dana Law
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