Monday, April 13, 2009

Performing in Spanish

Spanish is my lifelong hobby. I have a separate blog about learning a Spanish Phrase everyday. I grew up 15 miles east of Los Angeles in El Monte. I was surround by Spanish speakers. I had read books about people who were multilingual and traveled the world. I was fascinated. I learned some German when I was stationed there in the Army in the early 1970's and continued my study of Spanish when I returned. So it is natural to perform in the language. There is also a big need. Huge amounts of preschoolers and K-5 students are learning English in our schools but I have performed many shows in both languages to get the message across. Last week I did a show mostly in Spanish for Kennedy Gardens schoool in Calexico. It is always appreciated. English is the most important language in our country but learning a second language is powerful. What is your hobby and how do you integrate it into your life?