Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One World, Many Stories

The Wonderful World of Magic
Magic comes from all over the world. Children will play a magical baseball game from the USA, solve a magical puzzle with rings from China, fly a magic carpet from Saudi Arabia and thrill to a rope trick from India!
This fun, interactive, and hilarious magic show will have children rushing to check out books to learn more about faraway places.

The Magic Mystery Book Tour!

The Magic Mystery Book Tour Assembly is coming to your School!

See astounding magic!
A word only thought of is revealed!
Go on an adventure to Africa!
Water pours from an empty vase!
Enjoy a magic baseball game!
Reading gives you magical powers.
A child will float in the air break the laws of science!

School: Grapevine Elementary
Date and Time: Friday March 25th 8:30AM