Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One World, Many Stories

The Wonderful World of Magic
Magic comes from all over the world. Children will play a magical baseball game from the USA, solve a magical puzzle with rings from China, fly a magic carpet from Saudi Arabia and thrill to a rope trick from India!
This fun, interactive, and hilarious magic show will have children rushing to check out books to learn more about faraway places.

The Magic Mystery Book Tour!

The Magic Mystery Book Tour Assembly is coming to your School!

See astounding magic!
A word only thought of is revealed!
Go on an adventure to Africa!
Water pours from an empty vase!
Enjoy a magic baseball game!
Reading gives you magical powers.
A child will float in the air break the laws of science!

School: Grapevine Elementary
Date and Time: Friday March 25th 8:30AM

Monday, December 13, 2010

Laugh Out Loud Entertainment.

Amazing Dana Comedy Magic

Laugh Out Loud Entertainment.

It's a hilarious fast paced show with great mysteries. Amazing Dana will surprise and delight your audience. Several guests even help perform the magic as part of the show. One of them will float in the air!

Entertainment is the best addition to your entertainment plans. Invite Amazing Dana to your next event and you'll have a hit!

Amazing Dana Magic Shows

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amazing Dana Magic Shows

Magic makes the party!

Adult show.

Do you need a show for your Christmas or New Year's party? How about some magic? Your employees, students and friends love magic. They'll be involved in a hilarious show. Magic makes for fun. It's really different and compelling. Have Amazing Dana do a show of laugh out loud mysteries where all your guests have a blast. Don't wait to call. Dates will fill up quickly.

Amazing Dana Magic Shows

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doing good with magic.

I went to Jones Elementary last week and did my "Magic for Life" programs. The beauty of magic is that you can educate with it. Convey a message.

I'm no nutritionist but I've spent my life pursuing health and fitness. I teach students the importance of running jumping and playing. I tell them how to eat five fruit and vegetables every day. I tell them that fish is brain food. How to make good choices and eat real food. That you need to drink water, juice or milk daily especially if you exercise.

I do all of this with magic. They love the tricks and the message sticks.

Do you need this program? Call now to schedule the "Magic for Life" program. 619-444-2002
Dana Law
Amazing Dana Magic Shows

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magic on the 14th floor!

Magic on the 14th floor!

Occasionally I'm asked to perform for a party. The customer didn't need a show. They needed magic, close up and personal. Group to group, table to table I hop doing magic with coins, cards, sponge bunnies and I even read a ladies mind. All with lots of comedy that's clean and hilarious.

My magic is affordable and portable. Wherever you need a show you'll get just what you need for your party. The perfect choice for your event. People love magic and they become part of the fun and mystery. Call now for your event.
Dana Law
Amazing Dana the Magician

This is the magic for your meeting, birthday bash, corporate event, hospitality suite or trade show."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm going to the library!

"Library show
Make a Splash - READ

See you at the Library.

Every summer I perform at libraries all over the southern California. The reason? Summer reading programs for the children. Librarians, some of my favorite people, encourage reading with a theme. This year's theme is :

Make a Splash - READ

Every year I meet that theme with magic. I'll be doing several magic tricks that involve water and the creatures that live in it. Throughout the performance I'll be emphasizing the power and importance of reading. I'll remind the children that when I became interested in magic I learned my first tricks from a book in the library.

I'll be at 35 libraries this summer. Check your local branch and bring your junior patrons. Don't forget to check out a book.

Call now for a terrific show. 619-444-2002

About Amazing Dana Magic Shows
Dana Law is busy performer. He works with all ages. He has special shows for each and every group. As a mentalist , his "MInd to Mind" show is astounding. Hire him today for a laugh out loud show.

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